Ava Francesca Battocchio

I am a first-year Information and Media doctoral student at Michigan State University.

I remix communication, industrial heritage, sociology, geography, and anthropology.


LGA -> MSP -> YWG -> DLH -> ORD -> LAN · battocch@msu.edu

Head in the Heartland, Heart in the Hinterland

Hi, I'm Ava Francesca (but let’s be real– that’s a lot of letters, so ‘af’ or ‘Ava’ is just fine!)
I am an incoming Information and Media doctoral student at Michigan State University in the Department of Advertising and Public Relations. My research agenda focuses on communication and media in rural, remote, and post-industrial communities.

When I’m not studying, my interests include volunteering as a public history and industrial heritage tour guide(think “grains and trains”), rail-fanning, biking, alternative print media, sewing, and photography(analog and digital). Also, I’m a proud cat- and plant-mom (2 cats and 53 plants… or is it the other way around?)

Learn more about me here.